Since Ludum Dare 19 is about to kick off, I thought I’d post what I made for LD 18 (which was my first Ludum Dare).  The theme was “Enemies as Weapons”.  I was determined to interpret that in some way other than throwing enemies at other enemies, using enemies as turrets, etc.  So what I did was use symbols of commonly known mutual enemies as powerups that could be chained together.  The result was Ennameez.

For those not familiar with Ludum Dare, it’s a competition where a theme is announced, and everyone has 48 hours to create and submit a game fitting that theme, from scratch.  All art, code, sound, etc. must be created by you within the 48 hour window (but game libraries and existing generic base code is fine).

I think I spent about 20 hours total working on the game over the two days.  I’m satisfied with what I pulled off.

I’m a little burned out at the moment, and have work tomorrow, so I don’t know yet whether I’ll be up to doing LD 19 (it starts tomorrow evening).  We’ll see.

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