Automatic Album Cover Generator

About a year ago, I hacked together a script to automatically do that random album cover thing that was going around Facebook.  You know, random Wikipedia article, random quotations page (last 4 or 5 words), Flickr last seven days third picture.  Just a quick and dirty script, but it follows those links for you automatically:

I’d forgotten about that, but a Facebook friend just posted with the album cover game, and I remembered this script.  I’ve never done anything more with it, but I’ve thought about it.  I see someone else has done the same thing, and they have the words put on the album cover image:

What I’ve thought of doing with mine:

  • Words positioned on album cover, with a couple selectable options for position, color, etc.
  • A permalink so you could link to any generated covers you liked
  • A name-generated permalink, so you could enter your name (or forum user name, etc.) and it would generate a random album cover and permalink saved under that name.  If anyone entered that same name again, they’d get the same album cover.  This way, people could link to their first-try album cover and they couldn’t cheat by repeatedly generating covers until they got one they liked.  Whatever cover you got when you entered your name, that’s what you got.
  • A much prettier page layout.  Or any page layout, for that matter.

Would people use something like this?  Should I bother developing it any further?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments!

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