Captain Chrono: Time Commander!

I’m starting on a prototype for a game I’m calling Captain Chrono: Time Commander.  The game has the player controlling a variety of types of vehicles (a ship with rotation and thrust, a two-wheeled vehicle, etc.) from a 2D side view.  The player can freely drag a slider back and forth along a time line, and watch the vehicle (and everything else in the world) move accordingly.  They can move the slider to any point in time and adjust the vehicle’s controls (the ship’s thrust, the bike’s throttle, etc.) at that point.  They might then play time forward a bit, see that the ship will collide with something, go back a bit, tweak the controls and repeat, eventually creating the perfect path through the level and meeting the objective.

I just have a very primitive start so far, so it doesn’t look like much.  But it gets the basic idea of a time slider, with a ship moving.  You can’t control the thrusters on the ship (they’re fixed), but the ship is moving in an arc over time according to the physics determined by it’s thrusters.

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