One-more-time Commander

Little bit more on Time Commander.  I now have several ships on screen, each with random rotational and forward thrust.  As before, just drag the time slider back and forth.

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  1. Cool idea, are you using box2d for physics through this as with your thrusters and rotation? or is it hand rolled physics? Having time adjustable physics with an engine like box2d seems difficult but with much reward.

    • Martoon says:

      (Sorry, Andy. Gmail’s spam filter ate the comment moderation notice for some reason, so I didn’t see this comment to approve until just now.)

      Yes, I’m using Box2D. The simulation fills a time buffer with keyframes. Each keyframe encapsulates the state of the simulation. Placing the time slider anywhere on the time line takes the keyframes on either side of the slider, and displays each visible entity by interpolating the entity’s position in the two keyframes.

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