It’s about Time, Commander

Okay, finally got ship controls working in the Time Commander prototype.  I had to pretty much rewrite the prototype from scratch so I had a more sensible way of storing the game state in the time buffer and accessing it.

Drag the time slider back and forth to move in the timeline.  Click on any ship, and the control panel will show the forward and turning thrusters for that ship.  At any point in the timeline, you can change the thrusters for the selected ship.  Note that when you do this, time from that point on is regenerated, so any thruster changes you’ve made for any ships past that point in time won’t exist anymore.

You can drag the control panel around if it’s blocking anything.  To reset and get a different random setup, reload the page.

Click the image to play!

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4 Responses to It’s about Time, Commander

  1. Andy says:

    Really cool… but I need more time! I always focus on just one ship an my goal has been to have it avoid the falling objects and correct its trajectory and speed so it is still on the screen by the time the other objects fall. I have been able to accomplish this… but by that time the slider is at its end, and I have no extra time to do my victory dance.

    • Martoon says:

      Silly. You don’t unlock the victory dance until level 10! (and that’s not available in the demo)

  2. Andy says:

    I played this again today, and it would be really nice if each object had its own memory instead of changing one objects memory in the past will wipe out any changes made to a different shuttle of the future. In this way, with some back-and-forth work, you would be able to get all of the shuttles to stay on-screen by the end of the time block! Much more rewarding than just keeping one shuttle on-screen.

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