Image Pop

Just a little image toy I came up with last night.  Click the screen shot below to play with it.  Move the mouse around.  Reload the page for a new one.

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10 Responses to Image Pop

  1. Chugall says:

    great work, please can we have source code for this project !?

    Thank’s in advance.

    • Martoon says:

      Alrighty. I’ll zip up the source and post it here tomorrow, when I get a chance.

    • Martoon says:

      Okay, I put the source in a zip here. There’s a FlashDevelop project, and also a PHP file called flickrpic.php. This PHP file gets called in You’ll need to put it on your own server (wherever you run the Flash app), and change the URL it’s called at in (Flash player security won’t let you run it from *DISCLAIMER* flickrpic.php grabs a random image from here on Flickr, and transfers the largest size available even if the author has disabled downloading. Use at your own discretion. I wouldn’t use this in a “real” finished app or game for the general public, or, if I did, I’d at least have it link to the author’s original page on Flickr.

  2. Chugall says:

    Please, I just need to load pic from local hard drive.

    THAKS !

  3. Chugall says:

    Oh, THANK YOU, this is just for my own pixel art idea.

  4. Brandon says:

    Hey Marty!

    This is fantastic! It practically invents a whole new interactive art from, where the user decides the fidelity of each part of the image. Very neat.

    I wonder if there’s a Pictionary type game in there somewhere.

    • Martoon says:

      Yeah, I’ve thought of doing something where the player tries to guess the object pictured by revealing as little detail as possible.

  5. Where would you find the bargains.

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